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  Wire Baby Buggy Basket ($185.00)- 1 Left
This is a light wood oval basket that sits inside a thick, white wire buggy frame. The inside dimensions of the basket are about 12"L x 8"W x 5"H. The wheels on the buggy are 3-1/2" in diameter, and the handle of the buggy extends 8" out from the frame.

The Wire Baby Buggy gift basket comes with:
  • A Congratulations gift card.

  • Two 1 pound cello bags (Baby Toys pattern) of your choice of toffee for Mom and Dad.
  • Ten small items for Baby, such as: rattles, baby mittens, teething toys, shampoo, ointments, brush/comb, spoons, bibs, nail clippers, bath toys, socks, sunscreen (for the car), and small clothes hangers.
  • Five medium items for Baby, such as: picture frame, footprint mold, clothes, First Year Calendar, cassette tape or CD of music for baby, and toys.
Baby items are subject to availability, and may vary from what is listed here. Items are unwrapped in the basket, which is covered with a clear BasketBag and tied with a bow. The cost is $185.00, plus tax and shipping.

When ordering, you may specify the sex of the baby. You may also provide additional requests, such as particular color schemes, specific items, more/less toffee. We will try our best to accomodate. Contact us by phone or email.

Order Wire Baby Buggy Gift Basket for $185.00

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