On-line Catalog - Build Your Own Toffee Gift Basket

Build Your Own Basket

Build your own unique, toffee gift basket!

Start by choosing your basket. Then pick your gift card and provide a personal greeting (or we will put "from Your Name" on the card). Choose up to 6 different toffee and box/bag combinations. Add this to your shopping cart. From the cart choose 'Continue Shopping' to return here and add more toffee and/or your gift items.

Next, select from our various gift items to customize your basket. Click on the links for each item for additional information. Check the box for each item you want, and then add to the cart. Return from the cart to include additional items.

Select Your Basket and Card:

Add message for card or we will put "From Your Name".

Select Up to Six Confectionery Boxes, Cello Bags or White Tin-Tie Bags of Toffee (Assorted Toffees available in 8-ounces or larger):
Add Toffee Box/Bag 1

Add Toffee Box/Bag 2

Add Toffee Box/Bag 3

Add Toffee Box/Bag 4

Add Toffee Box/Bag 5

Add Toffee Box/Bag 6

Add a Galvanized Metal Container to your Basket:
Add Galvanized Metal Welcome Pail for $6.00

Add a Vase to your Basket:
Add Glass Vase for $3.00
Add Thank You Vase for $10.00

Add a Mug to your basket:
Add Get Well Soon mug for $7.00
Add Congratulations mug for $7.00
Add Rise to the Occasion Birthday mug for $7.00
Add Better Than Ever mug for $7.00
Add Smiley Hearts mug for $7.00

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