Customer Feedback

from California

Pam in Los Angeles wrote:

Your toffee is really good! Your customer service is just as good! Your toffee is great for gifts and people really enjoy it. My husband got some for his business partners for Christmas and they thought it was amazing.

from Maine

Ed in York Harbor, Maine wrote:

Hello -
I just wanted to drop you a quick note and let you know how much my family and I have enjoyed your toffee. We were first introduced to it by my sister. I must admit that once I start eating it, I find my self sneaking one more piece, and then one more piece... It is better than any I have had in the past. Its great to crunch and chew, or simply let melt in your mouth.

We love it!!

from Massachusetts

Karla in Massachusetts wrote:

First af all, the toffee is the best I've ever tasted! Dealing w/Kathy was a delight, as she is very detail-oriented, getting my order just right! The packaging was upbeat and cheerful -- there are also a lot of choices based on your special occasion. I'll be sure to recommend The New England Toffee Company to my family and friends.


Noni from Littleton wrote:

I was at the St. Mark's Chocolate Festival in Westford, MA on 2/6/05 and had some of your fabulous toffee. It is THE BEST toffee I've ever had and I LOVE toffee! I hope that you will continue to be one of the 'regulars' at the Chocolate Festival and I'll be sure to order my next batch of Toffee from you.


from New Hampshire

Patty in Amherst, New Hampshire wrote:

I am so excited to share my recent experience with New England Toffee Company. The service was great when placing my order and Kathy, my salesperson, was very knowledgeable and informed about the products. I am quite sure this is the most delicious toffee I have ever tasted. I would recommend New England Toffee to everyone - a great gift idea for my family and friends.

DMLyons in NH wrote:

For quite a few years now, we have ordered toffee for ourselves and had it sent to relatives across the country. It has arrived on time and was enjoyed by everyone. We have been getting the variety packs since we can't decide which flavor is our favorite! They are all delicious.

from Oregon

Gigi in Portland, Oregon wrote:

A friend gave me a cross-country care package which included your toffee, from Verrill Farm. I stopped to visit my friend in PA and brought in your toffee to share. She had just returned from Martha's Vineyard where there is store famous for their toffee. She stopped there on the last day it was open for the season and there was a long line.

She thought your toffee was better.

from Pennsylvania

Walter from Pennsylvania called to say:

I just wanted to let you know that my daughter gave me your delicious toffee for my birthday, and I'll tell you, it's the best thing I ever ate. Thank you very much.

from Virginia

Nell in Virginia wrote:

My sister sent us some of your wonderful almond & milk chocolate toffee for Hanukah. What impressed me as much as the delicious toffee, was your telephone call asking whether the toffee had been delivered by UPS on time and in an appropriate manner. Thank you!

from Washington

Lisa M. in Seattle, Washington wrote:

What great and wonderful customer service! I ordered a gift basket for the holidays too far in advance, and was contacted by New England Toffee Company to figure out a good shipping date. My package arrived safely, and the toffee was wonderful! Thanks again!

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