FAQs about our Products
Q: How many kinds of toffee do you have?
A: We currently have 11 different toffee products. Refer to the Ingredients and Food Allergens page for a more information.
We are also offer three different Assorted Toffees which are available in 8 ounce sizes or larger. The Plain toffee is not currently included in these assortments.
  • Assorted Toffees without Nuts
  • Assorted Toffees with Nuts
  • Assorted Toffees (all flavors)

Q: Can we order a toffee that isn't listed above?
A: This is considered a special order. Please ask and we will provide you with a price quote. You can either email your request(s) to info@newenglandtoffee.com or call us at 978-264-9739. The price we quote you will depend on the quantity you order, when you need it and our time/cost to obtain the ingredients.

Q: What are the best selling flavors?
A: We were surprised to find that our best selling flavor in 2003 was Cinnamon and Sugar Toffee (our newest flavor). Milk Chocolate has been the best selling flavor since 2004.

For a complete list of how each flavor of our toffee sells, check out our favorite flavors.

Q: What awards have you won?
A: To date we entered 3 competitions and won the 3 awards below. The festival stopped and we have not entered any other competitions.
  • In February, 2005 our Almonds & Milk Chocolate Toffee won 3rd place at the 15th Annual Chocolate Festival in Westford, MA. As our toffee competed with rich desserts from many well-known area restaurants we were very pleased to win behind the Stagecoach Inn & Steakhouse in Groton, MA (1st place) and the 99 Restaurant in Westford (2nd place).
  • In March, 2006 our Almonds & Dark Chocolate Toffee was the 3rd place winner at the 16th annual Chocolate Festival in Westford, MA.
  • In February, 2007 our Pecans & Milk Chocolate Toffee was the 3rd place winner at the 17th annual Chocolate Festival in Westford, MA.

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