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Individual Toffee Packaging Gift Containers and Gift Items

New England Toffee Company packages toffee with the following unique, creative gift containers, which may be put to other uses after the toffee is gone. Prices for gift containers with toffee range from $8.00 to $225.00. Baskets are wrapped in a basketbag and come with a gift card. Gift cards or gift wrap (including card) may be purchased for other gift containers.

Mugs and Vases - Many of these mugs and vases are found on other pages as well. They make unique gift containers as an alternative to traditional baskets.
  • Mugs - A variety of mugs: Get Well, Congratulations, Birthday, Anniversary, Mother's/Father's Day, Christmas, Baby mugs, as well as mugs for any occasion can be purchased individually or as a gift container with 4 ounces of toffee.
  • Vases - Several styles of vases that can be purchased individually or as a gift container with 4 ounces of toffee.

Seasonal and Holiday items include:
  • Valentine's Day - A Valentine's heart bag, heart mug and heart basket of toffee for your special someone.
  • Easter - Baskets and a Pail with or without toffee.
  • Mother's Day - Mother's Day Mug, Smiley Hearts Mug and as assortment of vases and baskets.
  • Father's Day - Father's Day Mug
  • Christmas/Winter Holidays - Holiday Mugs with toffee and Holiday Tins of Toffee. New larger 1-pound tins.
Theme items include:
  • Baby - It's a Girl and Boy Mugs, and a Baby Buggy Basket that can be customized with toffee and baby items.
  • Congratulations - Congratulations Mug.
  • Thank You - Gift boxes packaged for Thank You gifts, and the Thank You ceramic vase.
  • Party Favors - Gift boxes packaged suitably for party favors.
  • Welcome - Galvanized metal 'Welcome' Pail with or without toffee. A great welcome gift for a new neighbor or colleague!
  • Men's Gifts - toffee and gift ideas suitable for men
Gift Baskets - Choose from our variety of baskets:
  • Build Your Own Basket - Pick your basket, pick your toffee, pick your box or bag, pick your card and pick any of our gift items to build your own customized gift basket.
  • Round White Basket - Our largest basket, a round white basket with a handle.
  • Oval White Basket - An oval white basket trimmed with a gold-colored edge.
  • Two bear baskets - A brown bear with a small oval basket and a white bear with a medium sized heart shaped basket
  • Two baby buggy baskets - A rattan baby buggy basket and a wire baby buggy basket, both of which can be customized.

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