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We have been told that we make the best tasting toffee in the world! Once you have tried it you will be hooked. Our special combination of ingredients and the cooking process results in a rich candy that is mouth-watering, delectable, and crunchy. Recognizing there are those who like nuts and those who don't, we offer our chocolate toffees with a generous portion of nuts or without. We also offer a Cinnamon & Sugar Toffee which has no chocolate or nuts.

Order any of the following flavor combinations from the On-line Catalog or contact us to special order. Not sure which to choose? See what sells best, or try one of our Assorted Toffees, which are available in 8 ounce sizes or larger. All our toffee is cooked and packaged by hand to ensure the highest possible level of quality. Quality and customer satisfaction is very important to us. Read our statement.

Our gourmet toffee is the perfect gift for any occasion, such as Birthdays, Anniversaries, Valentine's Day, Easter, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Thanksgiving, and the December holiday season. It makes a thoughtful and unusual "get well" gift, "congratulations" gift, "I'm thinking of you" gift, "thank you" gift, "apology" gift, "new Mom/Dad" gift, or "let's celebrate" gift. We will ship anywhere and can include a gift card personalized with your message.

Toffee from New England Toffee Company is the perfect solution for potlucks, office parties, party favors, gifts of appreciation, or just to treat yourself. See the feedback some of our customers have shared.

Toffee in a Box or Bag

Our toffee is sold individually in confectionery boxes, cello bags or in tin-tie bags. All our packaging is FDA approved for Direct Food Contact.
  • Confectionery boxes make perfect gifts. The boxes hold from 4 ounces - 4 pounds of toffee, and range in price from $8.00 to $89.00. When wrapped with ribbons or a bow, tulle or paper, the stylish, classy boxes can also make unique and thoughtful party favors or 'Thank You' gifts. New 1-1/2 pound and 4-pound boxes.
  • Our popular cello bags hold from 4 ounces to 2 pounds of toffee. Six patterns in assorted sizes are available, as well as a clear bag. These bags sell from $6.25 to $45.50.
  • Reclosable tin-tie bags (coffee bag style) are great for toffee lovers who just can't get enough! Bring these larger bags to a potluck or office party to share, or freeze for long-term enjoyment and treat yourself. Tin-tie bags hold from 1 pound to 2-1/2 pounds of toffee, and sell from $23.00 to $53.00.
A gift card and/or gift wrapping is available for an additional charge.

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New England Toffee Company packages toffee with unique, creative gift containers, which may be put to other uses after the toffee is gone. Prices for gift containers with toffee range from $8.00 to $185.00. Baskets are wrapped in a basketbag and come with a gift card. Gift cards or gift wrap (including card) may be purchased for other gift containers.

New England Toffee Company offers a variety of mugs and vases, seasonal items, gifts around themes, several styles of gift baskets, and a variety of other gift items.

View the On-line Catalog for a complete, detailed list of gift packaging, as well as individual bags and boxes of toffee.

Gift Certificates

Not sure what to get? Purchase a Gift Certificate, which is available in denominations of $10.00, $15.00 and $25.00. A gift box with a bow is available for $3.00.

Buy Now and Ship Later

Find something you want but don't need it now? Afraid you won't remember months from now... Like to do your holiday shopping early? THIS IS FOR YOU!!!

In your shopping cart there is an option to "Buy Now and Ship Later". Fill in the date that you want your order to be delivered. If you enter a date that delivery cannot occur (such as Sunday), we will have your order delivered on the closest possible day BEFORE the date you specified.

Using the On-line Catalog to Order

The On-line Catalog main page displays and links to our product pages. Pages may also be selected from the drop-down menu at the top of the pages. If you are unfamiliar with using a shopping cart and ordering from an on-line catalog, review the process before starting.

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